V-Veil UP Q&A

1Doctor, do you think this product is an advantage for the diffusion and application of gel or soft-capsules?
Yes, no doubt about it.
2Doctor, do you think this product is an advantage in terms of efficiency?
Yes, for several reasons:
  • The device allows a closer relationship between the active ingredient and the vaginal wall.
  • It limits the “leaks” of the active ingredient and thus ensures greater efficiency.
  • It improves comfort during the treatment (limitation of losses related both to the infection and the soft-capsule) and thus improves compliance especially in case of prolonged treatment.
  • But, be careful, no study until now shows this in a scientific way.
3Doctor, do you think that women today accept that soft-capsules leak?

Women using vaginal products are very embarrassed if these products “leak” because, regardless of the issue of comfort, they must use external protections that may exacerbate local irritations.

The risk of these products that “leak” is therefore double: that women interrupt their treatment before the end or they aggravate the symptoms of irritation using external protections.

4Doctor, do you think the leakage of vaginal secretions is a natural physiological phenomenon that should not be disrupted?

The respect for the natural moisture of the vagina is actually fundamental. However, many women complain about very embarrassing losses in their daily lives and, especially, in case of infection.

What is dangerous is full vaginal fluid retention as can be seen with some tampons kept too long during menstruation.

V-Veil Up has the qualities required for the respect of the natural moisture while improving the women’s comfort: vaginal comfort:

V-Veil Up:
  1. Does not block secretions
  2. Does not dry up the vaginal wall
  3. Works just like a fluid retarder.
5Doctor, in the case of vaginitis, is it necessary not to disturb spillway flow, which is part of the defense system against the infection?

During vaginitis, leucorrhoea is a sign of suffering of the vaginal wall. What matters is not to evacuate the leucorrhoea but to cure the cause.

Moreover, women with vaginitis complain about the abundance of losses, often increased by the local treatments (soft-capsules, gels...). A daily discomfort is therefore added to the infection itself.

  1. More specifically, the more the active ingredient is in contact with the entire vaginal wall, the more chances will have the active ingredient to act.
  2. As the V-Veil UP veil is very fine and painless, it may also be present in the lower part of the cavity, which narrows just before the vulva and the active ingredient will also remain in this region longer.
    We must treat the vaginal cavity and not the panty liner!
    In addition, even while lying down, the products inserted in the vagina may leak due to the anatomic orientation of the vagina. Do not forget that lipid liquids are here to increase the “slip” and not to fix them!
6Doctor, do you think that the presence of an intravaginal veil would disrupt the local kinetics of spreading the administered products?

In principle you are right, the intravaginal V-Veil UP veil will modify the kinetics of the soft-capsule leakage.

  • 1st After intromission, the soft-capsule is on top of the veil when using the V-Veil UP veil and inside the veil when using V-Veil UPgyn.
  • 2nd The veil will serve as anti-leakage system and not as a “Cap” and especially its upper part with its special shape that is there to quickly hold a large amount of lipid liquid. Then the lipid liquid slowly spreads on the veil while staying in contact with the wall.
  • 3rd The veil does not absorb the liquid, it holds it, which means that the active ingredient is always present and can act normally. There is no phenomenon of adsorption.
  • 4th The veil has an important advantage, it serves to unfold the crevices and considerably increases the contact area.
7Do you have a scientific study that demonstrates that this V-Veil UP is efficient with the use of soft-capsules?
Yes, the complete study was published in the French journal Génésis in 2018 under the supervision of Doctor Jean-Marc BOHBOT. (Infectiologist and Andrologist at the Fournier Institute in Paris, France)
8Recommendation from the doctor?
I recommend to you that when you feel the first leakage, this means that the drugs are delivered everywhere, if you wish, you can remove it and introduce a new one to feel comfortable.