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V-Veil-UP Pharma authorises you to consult and download the materials on this Website. You are expressly prohibited from editing the documents existing on this Website in any way whatsoever.
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V-Veil-UP Pharma shall in no way be held liable for the use of this Website. V-Veil-UP-Pharma, its subsidiaries and its personnel involved in the development and provision of the access to various media and information presented on this Website, shall in no way be held liable for any damage incurred following the use of this Website in whole or in part. The contents of this website are presented in the manner they are intended to be used. Furthermore, V-Veil-UP Pharma shell not be held responsible for any damages that may eventually occur on the user's equipment because of the Internet connection, the use of his/her copy of information, documents, data, texts or videos.
V-Veil-UP Pharma reserves the right to change at any moment and without prior notice the documents on the Website. V-Veil-UP Pharma reserves the right to change or discontinue any section of the Website at any given time.
The information presented on this Website relates to products or services that may eventually not be available in your country, or that may be used according to different instructions and with different restrictions, depending on the country. For more information, please contact V-Veil-UP Pharma using the contact form on this Website.

General Terms and Conditions of Use, Revisions and Changes

V-Veil-UP Pharma reserves the right to change and revise at any given time these General Terms and Conditions of Use. It is strongly recommended to check this section of the Website on a regular basis and to read these General Terms and Conditions as often as possible as they define the responsibilities of V-Veil-UP Pharma and of the users of the Website brought on-line by V-Veil-UP Pharma for the promotion of its products and services.

Governing Law

The legislation of Cyprus shall apply to these General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and to the entire content of the Website. The Cypriot authorities shall be the only authorities competent to settle any disputes.

Protection of Personal Data

In order to confirm the information provided through the contact form of this Website, you need to provide us personal data (title, name, surname, email address). All mandatory fields of this contact form are marked by an asterisk.
This information is collected for processing purposes by the Consumer Service, which, upon request, shall transmit them to other concerned departments of V-Veil-UP Pharma . Under any circumstances such personal information shall be forwarded to a person outside of V-Veil-UP Pharma .
You may, by contacting V-Veil-UP Pharma in writing, exercise your right to oppose, access, modify, or delete any information about you or your company.

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