This 1st diffusing intravaginal veil is especially suitable for vaginal atrophy

V-Veil-UP-Pharma Ltd. manufactures this Medical Device

V-Veil UPdry applicator with diffusing veil

Image of the intra-vaginal veil V-Veil UPdry: a part of the veil, held by the removal strings, is contained inside the applicator.

V-Veil UPdry applies intravaginal treatments during the menstrual cycle.

As innovative as the transdermal patch in its time, the V-Veil UPdry device meets both the health professional requirements and the expectations of all women regardless of their age, their morphology or their pathology:
  • Simplified administration of the medicinal product
  • Increased efficiency
  • Discrete use anytime of the day
  • Unsurpassed comfort, without leakage or discharge
Thanks to its applicator and its intravaginal veil, V-Veil UPdry can be used in many pathologies:
  • Candidal infections
  • Vaginosis
  • Bleeding of low and medium intensity
  • Spotting upon change in pill or after placement of an IUD
  • Uncomfortable physiological leucorrhoea
For the application and the retention of the flows of:
  • Anti-infective medicines
  • Contraceptives
  • Hormones
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Microbicide gel
  • Lubricants or moisturising products
  • Cicatrisants
The V-Veil UPdry product is an intravaginal veil.
The Tests carried out on V-Veil UPdry
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Sensibility
  • Vaginal irritation (on 5 days continuously)
  • Absorptive capacity of the veil (1.4 g)
  • Resistance to breakage upon the removal of the veil string (50 N)
  • Box of 6 disposable devices.
  • Instructions for use in 26 languages.


The DERMSCAN Laboratory, accredited by the French Ministry of Health, has performed this test on 174 applications of soft-capsules prescribed by a gynaecologist and associating in 50% of the cases the anti-leakage veil.

The questionnaire made it possible to emphasise two very important aspects:

  1. The soft-capsules leak and really cause discomfort to users.
  2. The anti-leakage veil associated with a soft capsule fulfils its function and satisfies the users.

“The result is incontestable and will most certainly change the way of prescribing soft-capsules.”

The details and the complete file of the study can be downloaded from this website in section
This consumer test was developed by V-Veil UP Pharma Limited and performed by DERMSCAN, accredited by the French Ministry of Health. The DERMSCAN Laboratory of Lyon, France is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

The V-Veil UPdry is very suitable to:
  1. Women suffering from vaginal atrophy, requiring an atraumatic applicator to insert the soft-capsule or the cream.
  2. The beginning and the end of very light menstruation

Recommendations and tips:

  • The Medical Device applicator cannot and should not remain in the vagina for more than 60 minutes
  • Limited to one application per day in all cases
  • Use one single V-Veil UPdry at a time
  • Do not reuse the V-Veil UPdry even if it is not impregnated
  • If you need more information, please consult your physician, your gynaecologist or your pharmacist
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Instructions for soft capsule with V-Veil UPdry applicator

V-Veil UPdry _ all applications EN_V3-01
Soft capsule

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Vaginal applicator

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Vaginal gel tube

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Vaginal syringe

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  • At the end of menstruation or when the flow is of low intensity (less than 6g).
  • The applicator system of this Medical Device cannot and should not stay more than 60 minutes in the vagina.
  • When you feel the first leakage, this means that the drugs are delivered everywhere and if you wish, you can remove it and introduce a new one to feel comfortable.
  • The veil: Non-woven: Polyethylene/polyester-bico
  • The applicator: Polyethylene (low density PE-LD)
  • The withdrawal strings: Cotton

  • The veil with the applicator are free from dyes, perfumes, pesticides.
  • Cytotoxicity, Sensibility, Vaginal irritation (on 5 days continuously).

  • The absorption capacity of the veil (1.4 g /1.6 g)
  • The resistance of the veil’s removal strings (50 N /64 N)
  • The companies that have performed these tests are SGS Courtray, Toxikon, and Namsa.

The applicator system of this Medical Device cannot and should not stay more than 60 minutes in the vagina.

These products are strictly prohibited to the women who:

  • are contaminated by Staphylococcus
  • have fever or flu-like symptoms, even if these are mild.
  • have already suffered from the toxic shock symptom.
  • have an allergy to plastics and derivatives.
  • have an allergy to cotton.
  • are under 15 years, without their parents and medical staff’s consent.
  • have not read the instructions included in the packaging.

The Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare but potentially highly dangerous infection. It can occur to children, men and women (having their periods or not). It is caused by a toxin produced by a bacteria (Staphylococcus) commonly found in human body.

Half of the cases of TSS known to date occurred among women and teenagers having their monthly periods.

TSS was associated with the use of tampons but it can also occur during the periods when one uses other means of protection (sanitary pads, panty-liners, ...).

TSS is an infection which can be fatal, this is why it must be identified very early and quickly cured. TSS symptoms can appear suddenly during the periods or a little time afterwards. They might not all appear simultaneously: sudden fever, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, dizziness, fainting, muscle pain, rash that resembles a sunburn (the skin can peel a few days later). If you show these symptoms, you must withdraw V-Veil UPdry, consult your doctor or the nearest available doctor, indicating that you have your monthly periods. TSS can happen with or without the use of V-Veil UPdry. If you already had a TSS, ask your doctor or your gynecologist, chemist, if you can use V-Veil UPdry.

If you use V-Veil UPdry in an adequate way and respect these recommendations, you decrease the risk to develop a Toxic Shock Syndrome.

We propose to you different boxes as:

  • 6 applicators
  • 12 applicators