V-Veil UP2 (HPV)

V-Veil UP2 Instructions for HPV diagnostic


An oncogenic *HPV (human papillomavirus) genital infection which is detected by molecular technique avoids early advancement of cervical, vaginal or vulvar cancer

Compared with existing methods, the use of the Veil-Up Pharma veil will detect approximately twice as many women with a positive molecular HPV test in the genital area,
and thus SAVE TWICE MORE WOMEN who would develop a cervical, vaginal or vulvar cancer.

In almost all cases, undetected cervical cancer is deadly!

Your participation, together with V-Veil UP will save millions of lives!

V-Veil UP2 is a device to be used as self-sampling veil for the diagnostic of HPV and will be on the market in 2020.


Advantage of our Veil compared with all competitors:

  • Simpler,
  • Pleasant to use,
  • Very efficient to collect and to release the cells.
  • Understood by all women without reading the NOTICE,
  • Will substitute all products used by the doctor or Gynaecologist,
  • Can also be used by the women themselves.

Technical advantage of our Veil compared with all competitors:

  • Takes care about the “Releasing effect” because the main problem is that the secretion with the cells should not stay in the device when we add the liquid to make the PCR test. Usually the PCR operators use “Vortex Machine” and the operator will not “Compress “or “Wring” your “super-Absorbent.
  • The characteristic of the super-absorbent is to work like a sponge or a tampon to “Suck”, “Catch and go inside”. But we NEVER saw that “Super Absorbent” can release it correctly! It’s IMPOSSIBLE! On this subject we are the best because we control very well this patented technology and our studies show that we are right.
  • The same efficiency with many different “PCR Technicians” during the extraction with vortex, because our Veil didn’t retain the cells inside.

To resume the best advantages of our veil:

  • We are 193% more efficient than the swab
  • Collect more and release more
  • Collect also cells of cervix
  • Upholster all the surface of vaginal cavity and cervix too
  • Collect more DNA (+500%)
  • Collect more Protein
  • It’s so easy to use it for all women
  • Not expensive,
  • All women understand the concept! (we received the 1st prize at ICASA for that!)
  • All women love to use it and will prefer to use one device who is able to detect 50% more HPV,

We have the BEST product with the BEST result of efficiency and your company can have it, we can produce it for you!



Your wife, your daughter, a loved one or even yourself
have 1 in 2 CHANCES

with the risk to develop a cervical cancer..


The only solution is
the collection of the DNA and the cells with the
Intravaginal veil of V-Veil-Up Pharma!