About V-Veil-UP Pharma Company


Our company

V-Veil-UP Pharma Ltd. exists thanks to the help of three women: Haya, originally from the Emirates, Sarah, originally from Israel, and Lolly, from Cyprus. Respect, Sharing and Humility are their core values.

They have put all their energy and demands as women to make sure that this product attains unrivalled sophistication and is made available to all the women.


Our core job

V-Veil Up Pharma is a company dedicated to creating feminine hygiene products for the women's gynaecological comfort, and we are specialised in intravaginal delivery devices for medicinal products. V-Veil UP Pharma Ltd. can manufacture all of these Drug Delivery Medical Device for many companies. V-Veil Up Pharma is not a distributor. V-Veil Up Pharma manufactures and sells its intravaginal veil only for healthcare professionals


Our range

V-Veil Up Pharma has developed the V-Veil line, a line of intravaginal veil systems divided into Three Applications.

1. The V-Veil Hygienic veil that allows to collect the bodily fluids (physiologic leucorrhoea, sperm, etc.), and the end of periods fluids when the intensity of the flow is low. The V-Veil Hygienic is completely invisible. It significantly reduces the sensation of discomfort associated with using sanitary napkins or regular panty liners (the version for the end of periods is available on our website).

To summarize the two functions of its presence on the market:
  1. The tampon absorbs large amounts of liquid in the cavity.
  2. A panty-liner serves its purpose of not staining underwear, but does not remove the sensation of moisture
V-Veil Hygienic is here to hold the small secretions or liquids present in the vaginal cavity without the unpleasant feeling of being moist, thanks to V-Veil Hygienic!

V-Veil Up Pharma manufactured and shipped several millions of products since its establishment.

2. V-Veil UP range are the 1st diffusing veil that can be used with all existing treatments as soft-capsules, vaginal suppositories, cream applicators, gel applicators, vaginal syringes with these four advantages:


  • Applies & diffuses
  • Better efficiency
  • No leakage
  • Secure & comfortable


It is possible to use the V-Veil UPgyn during the day, while continuing theirs activities without any discomfort or leakage.


3- V-Veil UP2 is a device to be used as self-sampling veil for the diagnostic of HPV and will be on the market in 2020 as the clinical trials are underway in several sites. This new application is very promising as this diagnostic method is cost effective and should help overcome the lack of qualified staff and infrastructures, especially in rural areas in the Low and Middle Income countries.

V-Veil UP2 is also very much welcome as a timely solution to help scale up HPV screening in line with the WHO recommendations and the UN Sustainable Development Goals regarding the elimination of cervical cancer as a public health concern by 2030.



Our history

V-Veil Up Pharma was founded in 2013 and manufactures and sells its products since 2015 in Europe via www.v-veil-shop.com


Our Quality Production




V-Veil UP Pharma prepare to be certified for ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and the new rules of this UE 2017/745 of the 26 of May 2017. When it will be done officially we will inform you in this website. V-Veil UP Pharma manage its injection plastic in clean room under ISO-9.

Research and Development

We provide assistance to pharmaceutical laboratories in respect to all your particular requests, from the very first idea to the manufacturing stage (including, for example, the creation of prototypes).

We closely monitor the entire research and development process that we have commissioned to specialised laboratories.

The manufacturing environment is completely under control as we are using our own industrial manufacturing equipment.

Environmental Protection

At V-Veil UP Pharma, we have implemented our know-how in order to manufacture the products while fostering the saving of raw materials in order to protect the available natural resources.

The environmental protection aspect is therefore highlighted by the fact that the V-Veil Hygienic line produces less inert and organic residues.

A Mobilised Team

V-Veil team's philosophy is to remain focused on any possible development, and to always keep in touch with women to improve the quality of their daily life.