An oncogenic *HPV (human papillomavirus) genital infection which is detected by molecular technique avoids early advancement of cervical, vaginal or vulvar cancer.

Compared with existing methods, the use of the Veil-Up Pharma veil will detect approximately twice as many women with a positive molecular HPV test in the genital area,
and thus SAVE TWICE MORE WOMEN who would develop a cervical, vaginal or vulvar cancer.

In almost all cases, undetected cervical cancer is deadly!

Your participation, together with V-Veil UP will save millions of lives!

V-Veil UP2 is a device to be used as self-sampling veil for the diagnostic of HPV and will be on the market in 2020

Your wife, your daughter, a loved one or even yourself
have 1 in 2 CHANCES

with the risk to develop a cervical cancer..


The only solution is
the collection of the DNA and the cells with the
Intravaginal veil of V-Veil-Up Pharma!

The first diffusing intravaginal veil can be used with all existing treatments and the first self-sampling veil for the diagnostic of HPV

V-Veil-UP-Pharma Ltd. can manufacture all of these Drug Delivery Medical Device.